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Summer Camp Series guide for Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation.

Art Direction :: Editorial Design :: Print and Digital/Online Publishing
Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation needed a publication to match
the outstanding quality of its Summer Camp Series.
As with all CCPR seasonal publications, this guide is distributed
both electronically and in print.
For electronic distribution, I decided shifting away from plain ol' PDFs was needed.
I brought to the organization a highly interactive solution via online publisher Issuu.
Now readers are not forced to download the publication when they click on a link,
but can simply bookmark it or choose when to download and/or print.
Adding hyperlinks to the online publication is another solution
I imagined and implemented. Now readers are connecting and registering for camps
more instantaneously by clicking on the variety of links found in the publication.
To view Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation publications that continue to utilize
the features I implemented while on staff there, click here. You will also find
a few of the publications as you continue to look through my behance portfolio.
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