Interactive Digital Signage | Monon Community Center

Complete overhaul of digital signage for Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation including research, story boarding, learning Omnivex Moxie software, design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance.

Storyboarding :: Art Direction :: Wireframing :: Interface Development :: Design
A complete overhaul of the digital signage located at the Monon Community Center (MCC),
this digital signage interface now greets visitors in three separate locations.
Large, top navigation buttons, and an easy-to-read and press side navigation
invites guests of all ages and abilities to explore all that
Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation (CCPR) has to offer to the community.
Scrolling advertisements provide opportunities for partners to advertise.
CCPR staff uses this feature to promote upcoming programs and events
with ads matching their sub-brands designed by yours truly.
The signage also features a wayfinding map, enabling our guests to locate
the room for their class, program, or event.
Most recently added are advertisements inviting guests to connect with CCPR via social networks.
QR codes were acquired for each network, added to a scrolling advertisement design, and
tested to ensure connectivity. Now guests at the MCC can connect instantly!
Note: It was satisfying to successfully learn Omnivex's digital signage application, Moxie, in order to develop this interface.
The below images are a sampling of the developed screens.
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